Results for Hahn Family Farm Event April 22nd, 2017


Final Standing for the April 22nd, 2017 Event at Hahn Family Farms, Iowa City, Iowa

Beginning Handler Division- BH Titles

  1. Mike Lincoln and Gus (BH2 Title)
  2. Mike Lincoln and Bailey
  3. Bryce Bell and Rocky
  4. Robert Pearson and Zoe


Gundog Division- UG Titles

Flushers & Pointers

  1. Anthony Boyce and Remy (UG3)
  2. Jim Froggatt and Colt (UG2)
  3. Josh Pirtle and Gracie
  4. Nick Siedelmann and Lady***
  5. Joshua Douglas and Wade
  6. Micah Davids and Mack (UG2)


Open Challenge Trial

Flusher Division

  1. Dave Hahn and Hank (2:15:00)
  2. Shawn Campbell and Magpie (2:35:59)
  3. Shawn Campbell and Molly Jo (2:55:63)


Pointer Division

  1. Michael Neusch and Piper (8:26:75)
  2. Bob Linnenbrink and Rally (11:15:85)
  3. Micah Davids and Mack (11:41:02)


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