UGA Open Challenge - Bristol, WI - December 3, 2016

Price: $99.00


The UGA will be hosting an Open Challenge event on Saturday, December 3, 2016 at Right Wing Pheasant Club in Bristol, WI.  The Open Challenge is offered in TWO divisions: Pointer & Flusher.  This is a timed event, where the dog/handler team who can find, shoot and retrieve 3 birds in the fastest time wins.  There are no penalties for missed shots, but partial retrieves will result in time added to score.

For this event, we will be using well bred quail.  The field will have boundaries clearly marked, and will be divided into thirds.  One bird will be planted in each third.  Each entry allows the dog/handler team 2 runs.  The best time will count towards event results, and one dog cannot hold 2 placements (meaning if a dog has the two best times of the day, the best time counts, the second time does not).

The location of the event is 1/4 mile north of Hwy C on Hwy MB in Bristol, WI.  For more information regarding the rules of the UGA Open Challenge visit

For any questions, please contact UGA President Ryan Eder at


Bristol, WI Map and Directions

Available Spaces: Unlimited

UGA Membership 2016

Price: $20.00

Date: July 14, 2016

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2016 UGA Membership is needed to register for UGA hunt test and trial events.  Once a member, handlers can register as many dogs as they want for UGA events.  In addition, members receive quarterly newsletters with training tips, articles, updates and words from our sponsors.  Members also receive generous discounts on Over Under Clothing (10%), as well as discounts on dog boxes and trailer products from Alumline Trailers.

This membership will expire 12-31-2016.  Cost is $20

Available Spaces: Unlimited