Message from UGA President – October 15, 2014

UGA President Ryan Eder

UGA President Ryan Eder

This message is to announce that the Upland Gundog Association Hunt Test & Open Challenge event held on August 30, 2014 in Cayuga, Ontario Canada will be conditionally deemed null and void. This is the case because of failure to receive running order, participant list and registration information, as well as entry fees from the event coordinator. With roughly a month and a half passing since the event took place, I find this completely inappropriate and unacceptable. Furthermore, I found it tasteless and unacceptable on our part to not inform our participants and UGA followers of the situation as we have worked incredibly hard to grow this organization in an open, honest, transparent and legitimate fashion. We extend our deepest apologies to the participants of the UGA Canada event, and hope to have the chance to make this up to you in the future. The UGA will never publically degrade anyone who volunteers their time, money and resources to host one of our events, we all know that is how organizations like this exist in the first place. That being said, it is not professional or acceptable to withhold all of these materials from the organization for this long of a time period, and without these materials the UGA cannot verify, nor solidify any event results (i.e. Titles earned or placements in the Open). Should anyone want to discuss this feel free to inquire to us via email at

This is very unfortunate, and not what our goal was for our debut in Canada. We are taking the best action we see fit to maintain our integrity as a hunt test organization dedicated to hunting dogs, their owners and their families. It is your support that has helped us grow, and will continue to help us grow.

Thank you and best wishes with the upcoming hunting season.


Ryan Eder

UGA President

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