March 15, 2017- Upland Gundog Association Update

March 15, 2017 (Fairfax, IA) – Recently a new Midwest-based, upland focused organization began promoting via social media.  Several participants of the UGA have called, emailed and messaged the Upland Gundog Association LLC regarding any involvement or knowledge of this new organization.

The founder of the organization has participated in a couple of UGA events.  They have decided to found their own venture with very similar formatting and rules to our event(s).  The UGA is not affiliated with this new organization, but wishes them well in their launch as we support the growth of our sport.

To settle any questions about ownership or operations, the UGA is independent of this new organization and is wholly owned by Mike Moncada (a co-founder of the Upland Gundog Association).  The UGA continues to operate with the help of our loyal participants and great sponsors such as Alum-line Dog Trailers and Boxes, DT Systems, Kinetic Performance Dog Food, Green Transitions, L.L.C., Bird Hunter Supply, Over Under Clothing, K9 Enterprises, Magnet Gun Caddy, PRT Products, and SW Cages.

Feel free to contact the UGA directly for further questions; (319) 450-2926

About the Upland Gundog Association

The Upland Gundog Association (UGA) was founded in 2012 originally as the Upland Retriever Association.  The idea was to create an upland hunt test venue for retrievers as there were very limited choices of venues to participate in.  Shortly after, the company shifted to an all sporting breed organization by adding a pointing division for both the hunt tests and the Gundog Open Challenge.  Over the past two years the UGA has really taken shape as an all-around dog training organization, dedicated to helping people get their bird dogs to the highest level possible in the field.  The UGA offers training seminars and educational workshops, youth events and education, hunt tests and upland trial format events for pointing and flushing breeds.  Recently, a 5 person team format was introduced as a competitive hunting competition and is now available at most events.

About Michael Moncada

President - Upland Gundog Association
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