UGA Staff


Mike Moncada, President


Mike co-founded the UGA and has been professionally hunting upland birds for over 25 years.  Owner of Bear Creek Kennels in Fairfax, Iowa, home of field bred German Shorthairs and Labs, Mike spends his falls guiding pheasant, quail, and partridge hunts at one of the most recognized hunting farms in Eastern Iowa, chasing Waterfowl in the Mississippi Valley, as well as training client dogs for upland, waterfowl, shed hunting and various hunt tests from spring through fall every year.  An active member of the NRA, Pheasants Forever, Delta Waterfowl, and Ducks Unlimited, Mike promotes conservation on all fronts, while promoting youth and women in the outdoors. Mike is also Pro Staff for D.T. Systems and Kinetic Dog Food.


Ryan Eder, Co-Founder

UGA Retriever Training

Ryan co-founded the organization in 2011 to fulfill the need of upland bird hunting venues that provided a realistic hunting experience for both the handler and dog alike.  Having trained hunting dogs since his teenage years in his hometown of Antioch, IL, Ryan now trains Labrador Retrievers and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers for upland and waterfowl hunting at his kennel Southfork Retrievers, as well as for retriever hunt tests.  Ryan is an avid bird hunter, active member of Pheasants Forever and also Pro Staff for Avery Outdoors, D.T. Systems and Kinetic Dog Food.


Pro-Staff- Justin Mann

justin mann


Born and raised in central Illinois, Justin has been dedicated to the outdoors and shooting sports his entire life. A strong advocate of conservation organizations, and youth participation in the outdoors, Justin has hunted waterfowl and Upland birds since he was a kid, and recently became interested in field trialing and testing German breed pointers. Currently owning 2 labs and 1 German wirehair Pointer, and 1 German Shorthair, he started a training kennel in 2016 called Standing Point Gundogs. This growth has allowed him to show the versatility in the breeds of his passion, and meet fantastic clients along the way, guiding them and training their dogs to the utmost of their abilities. Having served on the Ducks Unlimited board, Pheasants Forever Banquet comittee, and current secretary for the German Wirehair Pointer Club of IL, Justin knows the importance of supporting organizations he believes in and helping promote good conservation. He owes his success largely in part to his wife Rachel, an avid outdoorswoman herself, and together they are making a name for themselves in the industry.