About Us


The Upland Gundog Association is an upland hunt test company dedicated not only to testing a dog’s true upland hunting ability, but educating people about quality dog training, hunt tests and upland bird hunting. Our tests are designed to be realistic hunting situations, and are offered to all sporting breeds. The UGA runs hunt tests for pointing and flushing breeds, and is one of the only hunt test organizations that recognizes pointing Labrador retrievers; allowing them to run in the pointing division and earn pointing titles.  We are proud to say that we have built a venue that is truly for hunters, their families and their dogs.

Our events are designed for hunting dogs. If your dog can hunt, then you will have an opportunity for success in our organization regardless of handling or hunt test experience. We offer hunt tests at the “Gundog” level, as well as “Advanced” level, making our venue a great place to showcase the upland hunting abilities of sporting breeds.  Whether you are a hunter that owns a single dog, or a professional trainer and handler, our events are for you.

In addition to our hunt tests, we offer our Gundog Open Challenge; a timed tournament style competition as well as training demonstrations and clinics.   The UGA is dedicated to making sure everyone leaves our events not only pleased with their experience, but more knowledgeable about dog training, hunt tests and upland bird hunting.  The UGA is a comprehensive gun dog training organization.  We can help anyone get the most out of their dog, and enjoy working with people of all experience levels.  We offer a beginning handler division in our hunt tests that allow youth, first-time bird dog owners and trainers and newcomers to the sport the chance to experience upland bird hunting with a dog.  In addition, we offer full dog training clinics that can focus on puppy starting, intermediate or advanced concepts when it comes to dog training.  Other areas of focus include field safety, youth demonstrations and events and guided hunts.

The UGA’s top priority is to grow the sport of hunt testing, field trials and bird hunting. We do this by offering an experience that can be utilized by hunters, their families, the youth and certainly the elite professionals in the hunting and hunting dog industry.  It is vital to share the great experiences of hunt tests and dog training with new faces to ensure this great tradition continues on.

Mission Statement


The Upland Gundog Association is dedicated to continuing the tradition of upland bird hunting through the dogs that have helped us enjoy this sport for over a century.  As a hunt test organization, the Upland Gundog Association provides a platform that highlights the abilities of pointing and flushing breeds in upland bird hunting while truly evaluating the dog’s hunting ability.

The UGA is unique in many ways, specifically the philosophy and format behind our hunt test. The simplicity of our test rest on a single idea-

To pass a UGA hunt test, your dog must hunt.  We also believe in promoting the sport of upland bird hunting and hunt testing by educating our customers about the importance of proper dog training, quality genetics, quality breeding and training programs and hunt tests through positive experiences in the field at our events.  It is also a priority to not only draw hunters that own quality gun dogs to our test events, but to focus on youth participation, as well as women to further expand the hunt test participant pool.

Our tests are a combination of traditional hunt testing and trial events that are meant to showcase dog’s natural abilities and trained alike. We believe the meaning behind the term “hunt test” should be just that.  They are a test of your dog’s hunting ability.

Please explore our website to learn more about us, our events, and what we offer.  Feel free to contact us via email at uplandgundogassociation@gmail.com. We will see you in the field!